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Welcome to 5th Element Jewelry, Where we have jewelry for the spirit

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Here at 5th Element Jewelry we carry the most exceptional and unusual pendants, charms, greeting cards, & unique gifts available in the market.  Browse our collection of sterling silver Celtic and Wiccan jewelry; Magical Charms; Key of Solomon Amulets & Talismans; Gothic Fantasy Jewelry; Viking charms; Ancient Egyptian Amulets; New Age & Fantasy Greeting Cards; Divining Rods; Reiki jewelry; VooDoo Charms; Magic Spell Kits, Rune Stones, Witch Stones, Pendulum Kits; Tarot Bags & more.

New Products For April

Boudica's Charm for Courage & Tenacity
Celtic Sorcery Charm for Courage and Tenacity Product Code: CS08 Known as the Great Warrior of Albion, Boudica (Boadicea) fearlessly led her people to battle against the Romans....
Raith Gras Cross for Season's Grace
Celtic Sorcery Charm for Season's Grace Product Code: CS09 Incorporating the Celtic symbols for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, this equilateral cross was worn to balance the...
Requiem for Sanctuary & Protection
Product Code: CN01 My gentle kiss melts away your sorrow, my soft caress stills your fears. Feel my wings flutter like your heartbeat. I shine in the afterglow of Love. My gift is...

Angel's Lament for Immortality
Product Code: CN02 Shielding my eyes in sorrow
Ankh of Immortal Infinity for Life
Product Code: CN03 I come from Luxor and the Nile, in ancient ritual made strong and powerful. No hand may destroy me for my beauty is infinity victorious. My gift is has no...
Blood Moon Rising for Truth
Product Code: CN04 In darkness, I glow richer than rubies, red upon the horizon as I ascend the night sky. I am mystery and power, united and invincible. My gift is Truth. Illusion and...

Bloom of the Eternals for True Love
Product Code: CN05 A rose must have thorns, as beauty must stake the heart of the beloved with passion. My symbol is universal. All know Love conquers All. My gift is True Love,...
Dance of the Vampire for Timeless Beauty
Product Code: CN06 I swirl to the music of the spheres, the night sky my orchestra, the moon my dancing partner. I rejoice in my grace and feel no pain. My gift is Timeless Beauty:...
Night of the Wolf for Power & Wisdom
Product Code: CN07 My strength never falters while the moon shines, for I am King of Shapeshifters. Great warrior of the five-point star, my only prey is weakness. My gift is Power...