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Welcome to 5th Element Jewelry, Where we have jewelry for the spirit

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Here at 5th Element Jewelry we carry the most exceptional and unusual pendants, charms, greeting cards, & unique gifts available in the market.  Browse our collection of sterling silver Celtic and Wiccan jewelry; Magical Charms; Key of Solomon Amulets & Talismans; Gothic Fantasy Jewelry; Viking charms; Ancient Egyptian Amulets; New Age & Fantasy Greeting Cards; Divining Rods; Reiki jewelry; VooDoo Charms; Magic Spell Kits, Rune Stones, Witch Stones, Pendulum Kits; Tarot Bags & more.

New Products For September

Star of David Pendant for Perception & Knowledge
For Perception and Knowledge Product Code: ESPB1 This ancient hexagram was reputed to have been used by King Solomon to control the genii who helped him build his fabulous temple....
Celtic Knot Pendant for Happy Love & Friendship
For Happy, Love, and Friendship Product Code: ESPB2 An ancient Celtic symbol, the winding knot represents both the complexity of the self and the binding of relationships. This...
Eye of Horus Pendant for Health, Strength, & Vigour
For Health, Strength, and Vigour Product Code: ESPB3 Originating from ancient Egypt, this amulet is worn to bestow upon its wearers blessings of Health, Strength and Vigour, and...

Pentagram Pendant for Achievement of Desires
For Achievement of Desires Product Code: ESPB4 Used by King Solomon to control spirits, this amulet is one of the world's most ancient symbols. Worn for Empowerment and Achievement...
Diana Pendant for Feminine Strength & Attraction
For Feminine Strength and Attraction Product Code: ESPC1 Diana was the Roman Goddess of the moon and of hunting, a powerful protectress of women, and the Goddess of Fertility. Her...
Thor's Hammer Pendant for Courage & Strength
For Courage and Strength Product Code: ESPC2 The Hammer of Thor was a supreme symbol of consecration and divine regal power amongst the ancient peoples of the North. This talisman...

Ankh Pendant for Health, Prosperity, & Vitality
For Health, Prosperity, and Vitality Product Code: ESPC3 Symbolising the union of the male and female principles, the ancient Egyptians viewed the Ankh as the key of life. This...
Anubis Pendant for Guidance on Life's Journey
For Guidance on Life's Journey Product Code: ESPC4 This Anubis is based on Ushabti, an ancient Egyptian charm placed amongst mummy wrappings to guide and protect the soul on its...
Celtic Cross Pendant for Protection & Prosperity
For Protection and Prosperity Product Code: ESPD1 Derived from a unification of Christian and Pagan symbolism, this cross is worn for Good Health, Courage and to ward off bad...